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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. -Albert Einstein

The Liu Lab has long been committed to deciphering the molecular mechanisms that govern cellular homeostasis. Over the past decade, we have primarily concentrated on two essential areas: the mitochondrial stress response and nutrient-sensing mechanisms. Currently, we are shifting our research focus to conduct mechanistic investigations into cellular stress responses associated with aging.

Abundant research suggests that cellular stress responses both affect and are affected by the aging process. Yet, despite considerable scientific focus on the relationship between these stress responses and aging, few studies have delved into the molecular mechanisms underlying the age-related decline of stress responses. Additionally, little work has been conducted to investigate the potential for modulating the threshold or activity of stress responses as a way to control cell death and aging. Utilizing a diverse array of methodologies—from mouse models and C. elegans to mammalian cell cultures and rigorous biochemistry. Our lab is dedicated to exploring these under-investigated areas to shed light on the complex relationship between cellular stress responses and aging.

News Highlight

Dr. Ying Liu has been named the New Cornerstone Investigator.  The New Cornerstone Investigator Program is a nonprofit and independent funding initiative that takes a forward-thinking approach to encouraging basic research spearheaded by leading scientists. In keeping with its 'People, not Projects' motto, The Program aims to facilitate exceptional scientists to explore new phenomena, discover scientific breakthroughs, and develop new fields.